Build Officially

Stuff needed to build officially

Posted by Immanuel Raj on March 29, 2021

Things to do before you need to build OFFICIAL/OFFICIALLY

  • Ask the core team members for the LegionOS-Devices github org access and push your repos

    • Push in the same branch name as the rom’s branch name [eg: 11/12/snowcone/T]

    • Must have the dependencies properly added in the legion.dependencies file and the file should be formatted well

    • Also must name the repo only like [vendor_branch_device(chip)/vendor_branch_device(chip)-common] no other naming will be encouraged nor supported Exception Exist under some cases

  • Ask the core team members for the legionrom sourceforge access

  • Run the command “ssh” once u get your sourceforge access [This needs to be done everytime if u change ur pc/format it]

Flags to add before you need to build OFFICIAL/OFFICIALLY


    -> LEGION_MAINTAINER := Immanuel_Raj


No other flags needed to be added.

To push ur device update/release to our chanel and do OTA

  • Just fork the OTA repo in the LegionOS-Device github org repo and then clone it to the source dir then do “python3 OTA/support/” then add your devicr changelog then push the changes to your git then make the pull request and everyhting should be good

Note :-

  • DO NOT edit the json manually

  • DO NOT edit the script also read

  • Do check the git history on how the files are changed and do accordingly

  • Must update the tree to the org and make it public

  • If the above rules are not followed you will be removed (just kidding, but can be real too, so be careful)

Before these make sure u pull request HERE and HERE before u do all

Also rememebr xda thread is a must ..check HERE for template