Maintainer Requirements

Maintainer side requirements for OFFICIAL

Posted by Immanuel Raj on March 29, 2021

Maintaining LegionOS:

Before you apply to add your device into our list of official devices , you should know a few things: Any failure in following the instructions given below will make you unfit for the maintainership. No questions asked.

  • You must own the device. Blind and untested builds aren’t allowed. Devices that have minimal hardware difference from yours are allowed to be maintained (saying you own that device too), as long as you maintain your own device too.

  • You must have a good knowledge of git.

  • You must create and maintain an unofficial build for some amount of time, (Don’t instantly make a build and apply. That’ll mean an instant rejection), make sure that the build is stable for daily usage before applying. The context of stability may differ for different devices, so explain regarding any exceptions.

  • You must have your device sources available publicly with proper authorship for each commit.
  • You must show the real device sources being used.

  • Your device must be in accordance with the Device Requirements

If you are okay with all the terms and conditions there go ahead and fill the Application

After applying and once your application is acknowledged, you will receive an email from a member of the recruitment committee regarding the acceptance or rejection of the application.

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