Project-LegionOS is a AOSP based custom ROM

Hey there, we from team Project-LegionOS is very glad to address you here. This project is a initiative and a derived from AOSP (Android Open Source Project) . We aim to provide security and features and performance to your old/outdated/un maintained Android phone . We as a team worsk all the days of the year testing and experimenting on the source codes to provide you all a better piece software to use .

All the members who are recruited are highly knowledgabe and are volunteered (To work without pay) . They still dont expect anything and keep working all day around us and for us and our lovely users .

We have been doing this for 4 years now . Yeah its so amazing that many people passed by us and helped us to stay strong and helped us to maintain this project . We solefully thank those people who helped us . Also this project is a mix of all the other AOSP based projects… We Add new features and security stuffs from all the AOSP/CAF roms around to provide u a better experience . DOnt worry we never will steal authroship